D.I.Y. Valentine’s Day Gifts

Amazing gifts that are more meaningful than anything money can buy.

The classic Valentine's candy


The classic Valentine's candy "Sweethearts."

Lily Birch, Contributor

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Valentine’s Day is finally here! The one day of the year that allows people to be extra romantic and cheesy has finally shown up. 54% of Americans celebrate this lovely event and this means that nearly 176,666,400 people are looking for something to give to one another. According to the National Response Framework (NRF) there is an estimated amount of $19.6 billion that will be spent this year. If you are one of those people that aren’t looking forward to contributing to the $19.6 billion this year, then it might be wise to consider some of these D.I.Y. Valentines Day gifts.

1) Valentine’s Pillow
To start this craft out the first step is to get any pillow of your choice. Then you can get different types of accessories and decorate the pillow to your liking. Suggestions for decorating would be adding words like “love” and “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Pom-poms and sequins can be used to spice up the pillow if you would like.

2) String Art
To create this, you will need a wooden board, string and nails. To begin, start hammering nails into the board and create any design that you desire with nails. Once all of the nails are in place, you may start wrapping the string in any way around the nails. When you feel that the art piece is complete, you may tie the end of the string around the nails and then the craft is finished.

3) Heart Shaped Cookies
As one could guess this gift will be very simple and easy to make. The first step is to make any type of cookie dough you want. Before you put the cookies in the oven you need to shape the dough into a heart. Once you bake the cookies, it is your choice to decorate them.


Photo Credit: pexels.com