President’s Fast Facts

These are how cool the Presidents are!

These are all 45 Presidents. Yeah, theres a lot of them!

These are all 45 Presidents. Yeah, there’s a lot of them!

David Larsen, Contributor

     President’s Day is awesome! It’s a celebration of our previous leaders, freedom, and what they did for our country. Oh yeah, and we have the day off. These men did a lot to improve our country and did other great things, but all of them had something unique about them, besides being the president, and these are what they were.


George Washington

  • Besides being the first president, something that also made Washington so famous were his dentures, which were supposedly made of gold. However, this is a huge myth! They were actually made of ivory, metal alloys, human teeth, lead, and donkey teeth. Yeah, pretty disgusting!


John Adams

  • Adams’ very last words were, “Thomas Jefferson survives.” This is both weird and a little coincidental since both Adams and Jefferson died on the same day!


Thomas Jefferson

  • Aside from being the third president of the United States, Jefferson was also an archaeologist, an architect, and a wine aficionado! Pretty crazy how one man managed all these jobs AND became the president!


James Madison

  • Madison had never held a job outside of politics. He also went down in history for being the shortest and lightest president at 5 feet, 4 inches and weighing under 100 pounds.


James Monroe

  • Monroe initially opposed the Constitution because he wanted a stronger bill of rights. Later on, though, he decided to support the document. And like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, he also died on the Fourth of July!


John Quincy Adams

  • At age 78, Adams suffered a stroke while on the House floor but mostly recovered, and returned to office a few months later. But two years after the stroke, on February 21, 1848, Adams collapsed during a debate about the Mexican-American War. He died just a couple of days later.


Andrew Jackson

  • Jackson was a REALLY bad president. He’s even been called, “The worst president in history”! But, he also adopted two Indian boys and was friendly with some individual Indians. So there was some good in his heart.


Martin Van Buren

  • Buren was the very first president to be born in the United States, and opposed abolition strongly. He was also the only American president who spoke English as a second language.


William Henry Harrison

  • Harrison was in office for only 33 days from March 4, 1841 to April 4, 1841. Three weeks after becoming president, he started to feel sick and complained of fatigue and anxiety. Later, he also caught a cold, and then caught pneumonia. This eventually lead to his death on the same day his presidential term ended.


John Tyler

  • Tyler’s nickname was “His Accidency”, he annexed Texas, and died a traitor to the United States. The New York Times described him as, “the most unpopular public man that had ever held any office in the United States,” Yeah, not the best reputation to have.


James K. Polk

  • James Knox Polk, or “Young Hickory”, was a very strong political leader and a much better president. What you may not know however is that he never danced or drank once in his life and almost lost the election to a man named Henry Clay.


Zachary Taylor

  • Second cousin of James Madison, Taylor fought in the War of 1812, the Black Hawk War, the Second Seminole War, the Mexican-American War, the Battle of Buena Vista and MANY more! It’s pretty crazy to think he survived all those wars but died after eating cherries! And yes, that’s true!


Millard Fillmore

  • Fillmore fell in love with and married one of his teachers, one of four presidents that didn’t have a vice president, disagreed with Abraham Lincoln’s policies, and the White House website calls him, “uninspiring”. He was also the last president to not wear a wig.


Franklin Pierce

  • Pierce also fought in the Mexican-American War, and later, defeated his old Commander during the election of 1852. But like Millard Fillmore, Pierce highly opposed the Civil War, since he was very pro-slavery. He was even called a traitor when it eventually happened.


James Buchanan

  • Although he was never married and had no children, James Buchanan, or “Ten-Cent Jimmy”, fought in the War of 1812, and unlike the past couple presidents, supported the Civil War, even though he always tried to prevent war.


Abraham Lincoln


  • Lincoln is known for helping us in the Civil War, and has even been called “the best president in the world”. Before his time as president, however, he was a much different man. Lincoln used to fight people, and is even in the Wrestling Hall of Fame. He’s also the tallest president at 6’4 feet.


Andrew Johnson

  • Even though Johnson never attended school, he became the mayor Greenville, Tennessee at age 22, became Lincoln’s vice president, and then became the president after his assassination. This may seem impressive, but wasn’t after he was impeached in 1868.


Ulysses S. Grant

  • You may think the that the “S” in his name is an abbreviation for his middle initial, like “Simpson”. However, it doesn’t actually stand for anything. But, he just decided to stick with it. Also, he really hated wearing army uniforms.

Rutherford B. Hayes

  • Unlike Grant, the “B” in his name was actually an abbreviation for his middle name, and it stood for “Birhard”. Also, Hayes was the first president to have a telephone and a typewriter in the White House.


James A. Garfield

  • James Abram Garfield became on March 4, 1881. But just four months later, he was assassinated in Washington D.C. by Charles Guiteau, becoming the second of four presidents to be assassinated.


Chester A. Arthur

  • Arthur was a pretty big fan of his clothes. Like, a really big fan! He was even nicknamed “Elegant Arthur” because he changed his outfit many times a day. In fact, he had over 80 pairs of pants! And because of this, four women asked to marry him due to his fashion appeal.  


Grover Cleveland

  • You may have heard of Baby Ruth chocolate bars before, and thought it was named after the legendary basketball player Babe Ruth. However, it was actually named after Cleveland’s daughter Ruth. However, some claims say otherwise. What do you think?


Benjamin Harrison

  • Harrison really liked talking and giving speeches. In fact, it is said that he once, over a period of thirty days, he gave over 140 different speeches! He’s also known as the “human iceberg” since he was usually very stiff and formal when dealing with people.


Grover Cleveland

  • No, this isn’t a typo; he was actually the 22nd and the 24th president. He’s actually one of the only president in history the has served four presidential terms.


William McKinley

  • McKinley was the first president to ever ride in an automobile, which was the ambulance he rode in after he was shot. His face was also printed on the $500 bill. Sadly, though, it was discontinued in 1934.


Theodore Roosevelt

  • One time during his presidency, he insisted on having a boxing matches. In one of them, the young man smacked Roosevelt in the eye, which caused him to go blind on that eye for the rest of his life. He also shot and killed a lion in Africa. This may sound cruel, but the lion was charging right towards him, so he didn’t have much of a choice.


William Howard Taft

  • Weighing over 340 pounds, Taft was a pretty big guy. He even had to have a custom bathtub made just for him because he got stuck in the one that was already in the White House. He was also the first president to own a car. Guess he was doing the horses a favor!


Woodrow Wilson

  • Wilson’s earliest memory as a child was hearing that Lincoln was elected president and that that the civil war was coming. He also earned a PhD in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University.


Warren G. Harding

  • Before his career as the president, Harding tried to become a teacher, insurance salesman, and a reporter. But a little while later, he was elected as an Ohio State Senator, and then lieutenant governor of Ohio.


Calvin Coolidge

  • During Coolidge’s early years, he grew up in a rural area of Vermont, and as a boy, enjoyed making maple syrup. Later in life, he earned the nickname “Silent Cal”, since he didn’t talk very often.


Herbert Hoover

  • Before his presidency, Hoover made a huge fortune in the mining industry as an engineer and expert. According to recent studies, his net worth was over $57 million in today’s money. Also, he had a dog named King Tut!


Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Like Grover Cleveland, FDR also served four presidential terms. However, in 1951, the 22nd Amendment was passed, and said, “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice,” Ever since then, every president has served up to two terms in the White House.


Harry S. Truman

  • Truman opened a clothing shop with his friend, Eddie Jacobson, in 1919. However, it was only open for three years, and they had to close it in 1922 due to not having enough money.


Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • Eisenhower was a pretty tough guy, and served in the military for many years. He also made produced about 260 paintings during his lifetime. Today, they are currently owned by Raleigh DeGeer Amyx in his collection.


John F. Kennedy

  • You may know Kennedy from the assassination, but he also had a purple heart! No, not a literal purple heart. It was actually an award given to him for his years of service in the military. Kennedy is the only president to boast the honor.


Lyndon B. Johnson

  • Before his presidency, Johnson was also a teacher at a high school, a janitor, and was elected a job in the U.S. Senate for a little while, and almost died. In 1955, Johnson had a heart attack, and almost died. Luckily, though, he didn’t, and became our 36th president.


Richard Nixon

  • Nixon was about to attend Harvard, but had to decline the offer because his family needed him to stay at the house and help out. But this didn’t stop him from becoming a lieutenant commander in the Navy during World War II.


Gerald Ford

  • You may know the Gerald Ford as, well, Gerald Ford. However, before he was Gerald Ford, his birth name was actually Leslie Lynch King Jr. However, he changed his name to this Gerald Ford after his cool stepfather, who he called, “magnificent person”.


Jimmy Carter

  • Most of the presidents served on military or army, and Jimmy Carter wasn’t an exception. However, he gave up his military career to save his family’s peanut farm. Yes, a peanut farm!


Ronald Reagan

  • Reagan was another one of the best presidents, and did a lot for our country. But he was also an actor in the 40’s and 50’s. In fact, Reagan has starred in over 50 films, and about 17 television appearances. He was a really big fan of Back to the Future, and even used a line from the movie in one of his speeches!


George H.W. Bush

  • Bush also served in the military, as a Navy pilot. It is said that he flew over 50 combat missions in World War II and received three Air Medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He also had a form of Parkinson’s disease, which is pretty rare, and has no cure.


Bill Clinton

  • We’ve all heard about Bill Clinton’s past, and why he was impeached, but before all this happened, he also served as the youngest governor in the United States, and is also the third youngest president, being elected at 46 years old.


George W. Bush

  • George W. Bush, son of George H.W. Bush, was a big fan of oil painting, golfing, bicycling, and playing baseball. He also became the governor of Texas and is famous for reading a book to children during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


Barack Obama

  • Way before his job as the 44th president, he worked at a Baskin-Robbins as a teenager in Hawaii, and has had a strong distaste for ice cream ever since. He also enjoys collecting Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics.


Donald J. Trump

  • The current president of the United States, it’s pretty safe to say Trump is a pretty rich guy. He has a net worth of about $3.1 billion, and decided to only have a $1 for each of the four years he’s president. He’s also bought some pretty nice stuff with his earnings, including a 2007 Ferrari F430 F1 that sold at auction for over $250,000, including many other things.


     Well, that’s it! Hopefully, you were able to learn something new, and if you had a favorite fact or president, make sure to leave it in the comments below. And of course, make sure to check out the other awesome articles on Rider Review! Have a great Presidents Day, and we’ll see you in March!