Main Sports to Play in the Winter

What sports do you like to play in the winter?


Caylie Brocking, Contributor

Since it’s the new year, it’s now time for a new season for games and all the sports you want to play! The season for sports mainly is in spring, summer, and fall, but since it’s winter, the main sports to play during this time are ice skating and hockey!

The benefits you earn while ice skating and playing hockey are tremendous.  The first thing that is always good is that it is great exercise, not only does it strengthen your legs, but it also exercises your heart too. You have to remember, your heart is a muscle and needs exercise to keep on moving to keep you alive. Another reason why ice skating is good for you is that that it increases your physical endurance.

Now for what is bad about these sports. One of the worst things that can happen to someone while playing a sport is getting injured. This is the worst because especially with these two sports you can not be on the ice because it will make your injury worse if you fall, but that comes with all sports if you are up for the challenge!


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