3 Must Have Studying Essentials

These 3 study essentials are affordable and will help you a lot throughout the year!

Gianna Vara, Contributor

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Testing season is coming up and that means you are going to be studying a lot, and studying can be very boring, but not if you have these 3 studying essentials. These essentials are easy to find, affordable, and will really help you out. They help you focus and get more work done and we could all use that.

Aromatherapy Kit

This essential is a must, it relaxes you and helps you concentrate. If you cannot find a put together aromatherapy kit then make one yourself. It is super easy, a basic one of these kits consists of candles, Essential oils, lotions, and a diffuser. Of course stuff and more. The possibilities are endless for this one.


This essential is very important, and it is crucial to studying. Having a planner helps you stay organized and keep on track of your study schedule. You can use time management skills with an agenda, you get to pick what times are best for you to study and write them down. Also, with a planner you can make studying more fun, you can use stickers, colorful pens and even sticky notes. This way you stay organized in a fun and relaxed way.

Study Buddy

Having a study buddy is always great. You can use teamwork and get stuff done faster. Also, you can give each other jobs. To demonstrate, say someone are working on an essay, one person gathers information and one person writes, this way you are being productive.

Hope this article was helpful and studying in the future will be much easier for you. These 3 essentials can make a very big difference and if you use them, you will start to see yourself doing a lot better in your studies.