Signs of Spring

Spring with Mya and Tony

Hannah Gutierrez, Contributor

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          I interviewed two 8th grade students, Mya Kahn and Tony Sarukhanyan to test their knowledge on Spring. Spring is the season following winter and preceding summer. In spring, the weather averages in March are vary from 48 degrees or 71 degrees. It also usually has very few days of rain.

          I asked Mya Kahn two interesting questions about Spring. First, I asked her what are some signs of spring? By surprise, she answered a lot of signs and they were all correct. Mya said, “ Sun, rainbows, grass, insects, and plants.” These are all correct signs of spring. Spring is a season with a warm and beautiful climate. The next question I asked was what are some things you see when it’s Spring? She said, “People playing outside and cute baby animals.” When Spring arrives animals tend to come out of hibernation.

          I interviewed Tony Sarukhanyan only asking one fun question. I asked him what is his favorite part about Spring? He responded, “Us kids can be more active because the weather so much more nicer.” The climate and weather is perfect for a picnic or a walk outside. Kids don’t have to sit in their rooms and play video games all day. Spring is a good time to just go outside and enjoy nature.