“Wonder Park”, an Imaginative Movie

The new movie, "Wonder Park" sparks up some amazing imagination.

Jemima Kayumba, Contributor

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Who would a person be without their imagination? Someone who never goes outside the box. Someone who never expects more from themselves than others do. Someone who never asks why one thing is done the way that it’s done and why we couldn’t change it. Someone who never asks why. Why people pronounce words differently in different cultures and regions. Why in one place something can be known as an honor while in others as a disgrace. Why one thing is done the way that it’s done. Why one person likes another person. Without imagination, one loses their identity and their character and their entire selves.

With their imagination, a person can create anything, whether it’s an idea, object, concept, or holiday. The reason why the planet has progressed so much throughout the history of time is because of the human race’s never-ending curiosity, creativity and imagination. People need their imagination if we would like to continue living the way that people have always lived.

As young children, kids let their imagination soar and control their whole perspective on life. However, as they grow, they let the troubles of life push out their imagination and they’re eventually not who they were as a child. Kids grow up, and they change, no matter who they were before they grew.

For instance, one young girl, with her imagination, created a park with everything she could possibly think of. June later learns, after starting to lose her imagination, that it the park is real and exists. She also discovers that it’s now in trouble, including all the creatures she made in it. To get the park safe, June and the amazing animals in her creation, must come together to save it as soon as possible. To learn more about this movie, make sure to see “Wonder Park” on March 15 in theaters.


Photo Credit: Pexels