Pop Into the Movies

Go to the movies this month and see Captain Marvel or Five Feet Apart! They are both fantastic movies coming out and rated pg-13.


Sydney Dunn, Contributor

Pop! Pop! Pop! It’s time to get some popcorn at the movie theaters to see the two new movies. Five Feet Apart and Captain Marvel are both coming out this month! Five Feet Apart is a romantic drama being released March 15, 2019. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, is a fantasy/science fiction movie with the release date March 8, 2019. Both movies are PG-13.

Five Feet Apart is based on the book written by Rachel Lippincott. It is about a teenage girl named Stella, who has cystic fibrosis. She meets another patient with the same disease. His name is Will, and he is the reason that Stella puts her routines and boundaries to the test. There is an instant flirtation between them, but the disease forces them to stay five feet away from each other. If they don’t, they can catch each other’s bacteria, and that could be fatal. As their connection grows stronger, so does the temptation to forget about all the rules.

Captain Marvel is a superhero based on the comic book. Captain Marvel is Carol Danvers who gets herself caught in a galactic war between two alien races. Carol’s powers include super strength, endurance, and physical durability. It’s nice that there is finally a woman superhero movie. A fun fact is that this is a Marvel movie, but the DC character Supergirl’s Earth name is Kara Danvers.


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