Bye 8th graders and hello 5th graders

Hello 5th graders

Elizabeth Christ, Contributor

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Dear students of Sig Rogich Middle School:

The school year is coming to an end. Fourth quarter is upon us and therefore 5th graders are visiting our school. Fifth graders get to come and see the Orchestra, Band, Choir, and Art classes. The 5th graders also get introduced to some of our staff such as the principal, Mrs. Suzie Harrison-Rollins, and a few of the counselors. They then get a tour of the school by a few of the office aides. They are provided their first middle school lunch, but while they are enjoying their first taste of middle school, the 6th, 7th and 8th graders are facing their last quarter. While the 6th graders are making their final preparations to become am

azing 7th graders. The 7th graders are getting ready to rule the school as 8th graders and make the school even better. Lastly, the 8th graders are saying goodbye to middle school, and with open arms are walking into high school. Whether they are going to be Palo Verde Panthers or a West Tech Wranglers or to any other school that school will be lucky to have such an extraordinary bunch of 8th graders.