RMS Teacher, Mrs.Thom

Meet the teacher with an interesting background.

Dulce Sander, Contributor

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Lean more about Mrs.Thom’s favorite activities and interesting facts about her


         Mrs.Thom is a Math teacher here at Sig Rogich Middle School who you may have for a class, but how well do you know her? Changes need to happen all over the world, and one change Mrs.Thom suggests at the school is having small class sizes so she can meet the needs of kids.

She attended Valley College in Southern California and UNLV in Nevada. Rather than Rogich, Mrs.Thom has taught at Staton Elementary, Schechter Private School, and Red Rock Elementary. Being a teacher was not her first choice, becoming an actress was. On Nickelodeon, Mrs.Thom would “slime” kids and this inspired her to become a teacher because she loved kids. She has been teaching since 2002, 17 years, but she also took time off during those years to spend time with her kids. The future is one thing most people look forward to, and in ten years Mrs.Thom sees herself traveling and going on a book tour for her own book she is currently working on.  

Later into the interview, I asked Mrs.Thom “What is one thing you always wanted to do but never had the courage to?”, and she replied to me by saying “…I always wanted to play an instrument.” Her favorite football team are the Miami Dolphins. Her favorite song is Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight & the Pips. Idols can vary in things and are important to others for special reasons, and for Mrs.Thom, Michelle Obama is her idol because she is “dedicated to other children…composed…” and “…emulates class to me.” Also, an adventure that sounds amazing to her is to go to Hawaii. Towards the end of the interview I asked her “When did something start out badly, but in the end, was great?” and Mrs.Thom shared that as a child she dealt with poverty, but when she moved and went to school, her life turned around and changed for the better. The best books series she has read is Harry Potter and Six of Crows, which you can purchase on Amazon. An ideal way for Mrs.Thom to spend her weekend is being outside with her kids and husband, playing tennis, watching movies, and relaxing. Mrs.Thom is an extraordinary teacher who has a lot to share.


photo credit: Dorian Studios