Amazing facts about March

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Amazing facts about March

Corey McGoffin, Contributor

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Facts about March

  1. March 1, 1872 Yellowstone National Park is established
  2. March 4, 1801   Thomas Jefferson becomes the first US president inaugurated in Washington, DC.
  3. March 9, 1964 The first Ford Mustang is built
  4. March 11, 1927 The Roxy Theatre opens in New York City
  5. March 13, 1781 The planet Uranus is discovered by William Herschel
  6. March 17, 1845 The rubber band is invented
  7. March 19, 1953  Academy Awards are first televised.
  8. March 23, 1775  Patrick Henry delivers his famous speech where he says “Give me liberty or give me death!”
  9.  March 29, 2004  Ireland becomes the first country in the world to ban smoking in all workplaces, including bars and restaurants.
  10. March 31, 1918  Daylight Savings Time goes into effect in the USA for the first time.
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