The Lovable Lyndsie Marshall

Lyndsie Marshall is an eighth grader at Sig Rogich Middle School who loves soccer.

Olivia Rodriguez, Contributor

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Lyndsie Marshall is an eighth grader here at Sig Rogich Middle School. Lyndsie is a 13-year-old who enjoys school, soccer, her friends, her family, and doing crafts.

Lyndsie likes school because she enjoys her friends, having lunch with those friends, and likes how nice all of her teachers are. Lyndsie’s favorite class is Science because she gets no homework, likes how kind her teacher Mrs. Bole is, and gets to enjoy the class with her friends. On the other hand, Lyndsie’s least favorite class is English because she doesn’t like all of the assignments and homework she receives. Lyndsie’s overall favorite part about school is she loves her classes, teachers, and hanging out with her friends.

After school every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, she has soccer practice. Lyndsie really enjoys soccer because, “It’s competitive and it’s fun to practice and then compete for the win.” she states. Lyndsie’s favorite thing to do while she’s not at school or soccer practice is to craft. She adores the art of craft because, “You get to create your ideas and make whatever you want.” she states.

Some fun facts about Lyndsie are that she has three siblings, one of them specifically being her twin sister named Sydnie. Her favorite movie is Twilight, her favorite color is green, her favorite food is lobster, her favorite places to eat are Canes and Taco Bell, her favorite dessert is key lime pie, her favorite animals are baby pigs and goats, and lastly, her favorite candies are jelly beans and any type of gummies.

Overall, Lyndsie Marshall is an eighth grader at Sig Rogich Middle School who really enjoys school, her friends, her family and is very passionate about Soccer.

Photo Credit: Lyndsie Marshall