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Elena had a lot of fun during her swim practice.

Elena's Dad

Elena had a lot of fun during her swim practice.

Elena’s Excellent Activity

Elena enjoys many things, but nothing compares to swimming!

April 2, 2019

Elena Yacoben is an eighth grader at Sig Rogich Middle School. Her favorite subject is either English or French II because they both intrigue and challenge her. When Elena goes into high school, she is going to miss all of the people she met here, and she knows that she will not see many of her friends as often anymore as she moves on into high school. Her favorite sport is swim, so over the summer, she looks forward to training really hard to get better at what she enjoys. “I’m trying to do about 28 hours a week of training. I think it’ll be a challenge, but it’s 110% worth it,” she says.

Swimming is Elena’s passion. She admires how she gets to push herself constantly to improve. She also enjoys the team that she’s on and “the way everyone comes together to grab this goal,” she says. Elena only used to swim just for fun and didn’t really see anything of it, but as she began to work hard over the years, it brought her to where she is now. Currently, she is practicing over 25 hours a week, but she adores the sport. “Although it is time consuming, it’s so worth it,” Elena explains.

Besides swimming, other hobbies she enjoys are singing, playing guitar, drawing, and painting. None of these, however, are better than swimming in her opinion. Elena would change absolutely nothing about the sport. It’s perfect for her, and it allows her to grow as a swimmer and a person over the years.


Photo Credit: Elena’s father

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