The Stanley Cup Playoffs

What the Stanley Cup is and how it works?


Gabriel Mendoza, Contributor

Stanley Cup Playoffs

The first Stanley Cup Playoffs Game began in 1893 but who won the game will leave you in shock. The Stanley Cup was originally a decorative cup that Lord Stanley of Preston purchased for 50 Canadian dollars. After that purchase, Stanley donated the cup to the amateur hockey club. When the National Hockey League was created, they used the Stanley Cup as a championship trophy. The owner of the National Hockey League wanted to continue the legacy of Stanley. After every Stanley Cup, NHL employees engrave the winnings players name onto the rings of the cup. When a ring gets too full, they can detach a ring and put a blank ring on. The ring that is taken off is then put into the vault with the original Stanley Cup. The original Stanley Cup is in the NHL Hall Of Fame.


How the Stanley Cup Playoffs Work

During the season, teams compete to be the top in their division. These divisions are Pacific, Atlantic, Central, Metropolitan. The top three teams of those divisions go to the playoffs. Besides these teams that make the top three, each conference has two wild card spots. The division leader with the most points plays the wild-card team with the fewest points. The Western Conference consists of the Pacific division and the Central Division. The Eastern Conference consists of the Metropolitan Division and the Atlantic Division. The winner of each Conference goes and faces off in the Stanley Cup.


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