Easter Time Movies

Here are four movies to watch around Easter time. They are all based on Easter, so they are perfect to watch during Spring Break. The same time as Easter!!!!!

Syndey Dunn, Contributor

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It’s almost Easter, meaning it’s almost Spring Break! It’s a nice time to just sit on the couch and watch movies. Here are some movies to watch with the family. Peter Rabbit is on Netflix or available for rent at Redbox. Hop, as well, is on Netflix. Rise of The Guardian is available for rent in lots of different places. Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes, so on, all have it for rent. Then you have the classic that everyone knows about. The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown can be bought on Amazon, but not rented, and added to your movie collection.

Peter Rabbit is about a rabbit and his three sisters. They like to spend their time in Mr. McGregor’s vegetable garden. A relative of Mr. McGregor moves in and is not excited to meet the family of rabbits. A battle between them erupts with no one giving in. It is simply a battle of wills filled with schemes from Mr. McGregor’s relative. He is trying to get rid of the resourceful rabbit, who has proved to be a worthy opponent. This rabbit’s name is Peter, hence, the movie’s name, Peter Rabbit. The movie looks exciting and fun!

Hop, on the other hand, is about a rabbit who is expected to take over his father’s job running the factory that produces the world’s Easter candy from beneath Easter Island. Despite it being a fantastic job, E.B. doesn’t want it. Instead, he wants to be a drummer. The young rabbit runs away to Los Angeles, California. That is where he tricks Fred O’Hare, an unemployed slacker, into giving him shelter. Unfortunately, while E.B. is off in Los Angeles, a serious problem is brewing back on Easter Island.  Will E.B. be able or willing to help? Rent the movie to find out.

Rise of the Guardians does not only feature the Easter Bunny, but also has Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Of course, there is an evil boogeyman who plans to take the guardians away from their thrones with his evil schemes. He plans to destroy children’s memories of their guardians. Jack Frost, a winter elf, must prevent the boogeyman’s plan from succeeding and save the guardians from being destroyed. Can’t wait for the ending of this one!

And last, but not least, is a true classic. It’s Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. The gang prepares for Easter in their own odd ways. Snoopy is helping Woodstock in his mission to get a new home. Marci is attempting to make Easter eggs with Peppermint Patty. They are all getting ready for Easter, despite their different ways of doing so. Even if the family has seen this one, it’s worth another rent.

Have fun sitting on the couch watching these movies. Enjoy Spring Break!


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