Jada Harris, RMS Student

Jada Harris is a student at Sig Rogich Middle school who loves her friends and life.

Dulce Sanders, Contributor

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Jada Harris is a 7th grade student at Sig Rogich Middle School who makes the most of life. During spring break, Jada will be traveling to Paris and Germany and she feels it will change her view point of things because she “…will get the chance to see a different country and witness their culture.”  Jada’s favorite musician is Rihanna because she likes the messages she spreads throughout her music, and she feels that her positivity can change the world for the better. Jada explained to me how playing soccer and hanging out with friends was her ideal way to spend a weekend.

One thing Jada has always wanted to try, but never found the courage to do so, is jump off a high cliff into water. Jada has gotten many great reports that jumping off a cliff into water is very exciting, and she plans to do so very soon. Lastly, I asked Jada who her role model is, and she said “My brother because he always does the right thing, and sometimes he doesn’t even realize it! He also finds the best in people.”

Further into the interview, I asked Jada if she thought Rogich was a good school and she replied by saying “Yes, because the teachers are nice and helpful and I’ve made wonderful friends”, and she plans on visiting Rogich in the future, too. I asked Jada “Describe your teachers at Rogich in one word”, and she said “helpful.” Jada wishes Rogich had lockers outside, giving the hallways more space. For high school, Jada plans on attending Palo Verde. Jada has a fun, exciting life, and hopes to make it even more interesting.