Creative Easter Crafts

Here Are Two Fun Easter DIYs!

Destiney Delcid, Contributor

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Easter Bunny Treat Jars

Supplies Needed:

Mason Jars

Vinyl Stickers

Chalky Finish Paint or Spray Paint

Ribbon or Lace




To start off this Easter Bunny Treat Jars, get a clean mason jar and vinyl stickers. Using the vinyl stickers, cut out an adorable bunny shape. Apply the stickers to the front of the mason jar and press firmly against the sides. Now grab your paint and begin painting the jar. After allowing the paint time to dry, pull the sticker off. Fill the jar with your choice of candy, tie a ribbon around the jar, and you are done!

Confetti Eggs

Supplies Needed:


Food dye, vinegar, and water


Tissue paper (various colors)

Glue stick

Thumb Tack



To begin, put a dime sized hole in the top of the egg shells, using something sharp like a thumbtack. After creating the whole dump out all the yolk, and clean the shell so that it’s clean. Now for the fun part, dye the egg shells, using food dye, vinegar, and water. Once the shells are dry, fill them with confetti. Lastly, cut out tissue paper, that matches the color of the egg. Using the glue stick apply tissue paper to the hole. The craft is now complete!


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