The Extravagant Emma Rampoldi!

Emma is a sixth grader at Sig Rogich Middle School who enjoys swimming, singing, and her friends.

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The Extravagant Emma Rampoldi!

Olivia Rodriguez, Contributor

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In this issue, I interviewed sixth grader Emma Rampoldi. I asked her questions relating to her school and outside of school life.

Emma’s favorite class is Choir because she, “likes to learn how to read music and sing in performances.” Emma’s least favorite class is English because she, “doesn’t like reading unless it is very interesting.”

Emma’s favorite part about coming to school everyday is for her favorite class, which again, is Choir because she loves to sing. Her least favorite part about coming to school everyday is her locker because it is really messy and stressful, considering the fact that she shares it with her sister.

Emma adores swimming. She swims competitively and finds competing at swim meets amusing because it’s very fun, especially when she wins medals. Her favorite movie is “Ready Player One” because she loves how much thrill and fantasy the movie contains and she really enjoys Imagine Dragons because she loves how unique and enjoyable their music is.

All in all, Emma Rampoldi enjoys being a sixth grader and plans to come back next year.


Photo Credit: Anna Rampoldi