A Dog’s Journey

The sequel to the movie "A Dog's Purpose" is finally here. Get your tissues ready for this heartwarming story, "A Dog's Journey".

Avi Fairchild, Contributor

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Doesn’t the title give it away? The sweet dog that most of us know from “A Dog’s Purpose” is back. The sequel to that amazing movie, “A Dog’s Journey”, is being released on May 17. With only a short time before the movie comes out, you should have some knowledge of what this movie is about, so you don’t cry in the movie theater.

In the first movie, a dog, Bailey, has bonded with his owner, Ethan. Bailey then spends the rest of his reincarnations trying to find his way back to Ethan. Of course, he does and it couldn’t have gone better. The second movie continues this pattern with a bit of a twist. This time around, Bailey’s purpose is to be there for Ethan’s granddaughter, CJ. No matter where Bailey wakes up for his new life, he always finds a way back home. Ethan does come to visit, but he trusts that Bailey is going to be watching over his granddaughter for the rest of her life.

Even though this movie may be pretty emotional, it sure is going to be wonderful and heart-warming. Remember, this movie comes out on May 17, 2019, so be sure to set those reminders and buy the tickets ahead of time so you can get a first-hand account on how the movie really goes down.


Photo Credit: Free stock photos · Pexels