Diverting Disneyland Facts

Captivating Facts That Will Amaze You About Disneyland


Elizabeth Christ, Contributor

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Black Sunday

When Disneyland opened it was a bit of a disaster due to more than 13,000 guests showing up, which was more than expected. Rocket to the Moon, Peter Pan, and Dumbo the Flying Elephant were some of the rides that were closed. Tomorrowland also wasn’t quite finished yet and many of the restaurants and food stands ran out of food from too many people showing up. The hot temperature turned Main Street’s newly poured cement into tar leading to people’s shoes getting stuck as they tried to walk. All of this chaos led to cast member’s giving opening day the nickname of Black Sunday.


Walt Disney Spent Time Waiting in Line

Walt Disney loved hanging out and talking with guests and he would often hang out with them while they waited in line for the rides.


Disney’s Federal Cats

Disneyland is home to a large crew of around 200 feral cats that have been welcomed to stay because of their pest control instincts. If you’re lucky, you may spot some at the feeding station over near the Hungry Bear Restaurant which is right by the Rivers of America and by Splash Mountain.


Time Capsule

A time capsule was buried in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle on July 17, 1995, which was the 40th anniversary of Disneyland. It is set to be opened on the 80th anniversary of Disneyland on July 17, 2035. Workers followed this tradition in California Adventure and buried a time capsule in Buena Vista Plaza to be opened in 2037.


Indiana Jones

While in line for the Indiana Jones ride, make sure to take a moment to peek inside Indiana’s office as you walk past. All the props in the office are real props from the Indiana Jones franchise.


George Lucas

When you’re waiting in line for the ride Star Tours, make sure to listen closely for the announcements from the loudspeaker. The speaker will ask for Egroeg Sacul which is George Lucas spelled backwards. Speaking of George, he was actually at Disney on the opening day at age 11.


The Closed Park

Disneyland has only ever had three unscheduled park closures in its history. The first was the national day of mourning after John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Second, the Northridge earthquake in 1994, and third on 9/11.



The park has gotten a little more expensive with the opening fee in 1955 being $1. It is now $99.



Walt Disney and his wife celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with a big party on the Mark Twain Riverboat shortly before the park opened.



Thurl Ravenscroft, who was the voice of Tony the Tiger in Frosted Flake commercials and who sang the famous “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” song, is the voice for many attractions in Disneyland, including the Mark Twain river boat, the monorail, the Haunted Mansion, and it’s a small world.