3 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

These are 3 fun, easy, and affordable Do-It-Yourself Mother's Day Gifts.

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3 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Gianna Vara, Contributor

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Mother’s Day is on it’s way! May 12th is the day that you can really show your appreciation for your mom, aunt, or any other significant female in your life. Mothers especially love gifts that are handcrafted and from the heart. Like something that is DIY, these types of gifts are fun to make, affordable, and super simple.

Inspirational quote booklet

You can make this easy and cheap gift with just some paper, staples, and some beautiful assorted pens or markers. Just look up some good inspirational quotes or make them up and decorate a nice stapled booklet filled with the quotes. One thing that is great is that the possibilities with this one, are endless! You can decorate the booklet and quote pages any way you would like!


Candy Jar

This is such a simple gift and if you have a mother, aunt, etc.) with a sweet tooth i am sure this present will be a hit! Just find a mason jar, or any type of transparent jar for that matter and fill it with your mom’s favorite candy! For an added touch, place a cute ,decorative label on the center of the jar with a personal, and kind message or quote.


Paper Maché, Flower Bouquet

This is the most fun activity to make for your mom, all you do is cut colorful pieces of paper into shapes like flowers, attach a green strip of paper as stems for the flowers, put your paper maché flowers into a pot and you can use any crumbly brown substance as dirt for your pot. At least this way, the flowers will not need maintenance or care!