Remember the Heroes

Hundreds of millions of soldiers have died in the U.S. military through the years. Learn the history of Memorial Day and these heroes by reading this story.


Anna Rampoldi, Contributor

This year, Memorial Day falls on May 27, 2019, honoring all the men and women who have passed away serving America in the military. It is a time for families to remember the fallen soldiers lives at memorials, cemeteries, and homes. Memorial day has a deep history and many traditions that happen that day.  

Memorial Day started all the way back in 1868 on May 30 during the Civil War. Commander Chief John A. Logan declared the Memorial Day on May 30. He created the day to decorate the fallen soldiers’ graves with beautiful flowers and the things that they loved. Memorial Day, at the time, was meant to honor the fallen soldiers only in the civil war. Now it has spread across the United States to honor all the soldiers that have fought and been killed in war.

There are many traditions to honor the perished soldiers lives. First off, visiting memorials is a great way to remember the soldiers who fought. There are many memorials in Washington D.C. These memorials consist of wars like the Vietnam War, the World War II, and the Korean War. These memorials and hundreds of others around the United States are a great way to celebrate the past lives of all these soldiers. Placing flags and decorating soldiers graves with flowers is another way to honor them. In Washington D.C. on Memorial Day there is a huge parade honoring the heroes that once lived. This is the largest parade for this holiday. Over 250,000 people came to the event and 5,000 people participated in the parade last year. All of these traditions are great ways to remember the millions of soldiers that died.

All in all, Memorial Day is a very important holiday that celebrates the hundreds of millions of fallen heroes that served our country. Honoring them by celebrating their lives with this holiday is greatly appreciated by many. So, pick up an American flag and head down to the nearest memorial. Place a flag on a soldier’s grave and remember that they made America a safe country.


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