Recognize The Unrecognized

Recognize the ones who never get the right proof of recognition.

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Recognize The Unrecognized

Katie Kar, Contributor

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The month of May is here and there is one unrecognized holiday that goes by the wayside. These people are nurses, on May 6th it’s National Nurses Day. Nurses are one of the most recognized workers in the world but they hardly ever get told a single thanks for all they do. During surgeries, for example, nurses do a lot of the work and even during recovery too, the nurses do most of the work. By the time the patient is recovered who do they thank for the surgery… the doctors not any nurses.

Nurses do so much and people don’t know so. Nurses decided to give insight on their important job that tops them all. Although nurses don’t get paid their worth, they still push through it and do their job. According to Elizabeth (Liz) Kar, “being a nurse can be a nasty job sometime, but it’s worth it. You can easily change a life and it can be fun like when you get to put a chest tube in a patient”. Nurse Liz is a nurse at two different hospitals including Summerlin Hospital and Mountain View hospital.As with most cases nurses have their own opinion on their job, such as Patricia Davis, a nurse at Southern Hills Hospital. When asked the pros and cons to her job she simply said,  “Being able to save lives, being there for people during their worst moments. Where else can you be so blessed to be there for a person’s first or last breath? That part is a huge honor. I’ve held many hands as they crossed over because their family couldn’t be there”.

Sadly, Nurse Davis has some downsides to being a nurse. “Not enough or adequate breaks, under staffing, nurses are being asked to do more and more and it is affecting our bedside care”. For a nurse many people don’t realize they need to tend to themselves every once and awhile. Even though it is a hard job there are still some ways nurses try to encourage kids and young adults to eventually go into the profession. Nurse Davis also said when asked why teens and kids should go into nursing, “the debt to income ratio is still great, allows for a great work life balance, you literally get to save lives all the time, you can be that good thing for someone during the worst moments of their life”.

Nurse Davis isn’t the only nurse to have a certain view of her job. Jesus Castillo a nurse that works at Mountain View Hospital and UMC Hospital says the “Best parts of nursing is the helping of individuals. People come into the hospital afraid, unsure, and almost defensive, the only way to communicate that as a nurse is through out actions, competent calm affect. When someone comes into septic and altered, and you give them fluids and antibiotics, and they come to…there’s nothing that says ‘I fixed you’ more than that”.

When asked the worst part about being a nurse, Nurse Castillo responded with, “The part they don’t teach you in nursing school is the staff ratios and metrics. The workload is a lot, however it’s not unbearable. Definitely doable. Unfortunately it robs us of time to spend with the patients the caring aspect is being replaced by the science aspect and the caring aspect is what makes nursing the most trusted job in the world statistically”.  Just because a nurse has problems with how they work or their hours doesn’t mean that they can’t have their own choice on how students should be educated. For example, being a nurse “It pays well, and job security if you get bored there are ton of vary hours”.

People don’t understand how hard it is to be a nurse, especially when they have to work 12 hour shifts without breaks, or even an adequate lunch,  and it also is hard when the very next day they might have another 12 hour shift. Being a nurse also means along with the 6 years of highschool and college there is around another 2-4 years to study in order to be a nurse. However, Nurses deserve to have their own free time to have fun and decompress. Many have their own opinion of their job, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for jokes and lightening the otherwise emotional toll. In the group of nurses there is a Christmas party happening where all the nurses decided to take a picture together. Being a nurse encompasses teamwork, critical thinking and skill, along with the ability to be highly functioning for a long period of time.  It is draining yet rewarding, and most would agree there is no other job that they would rather do.


Photo Credit: Nurse Elizabeth Kar


In the photo with the three Nurses, The nurse on the right is Nurse Elizabeth Kar, the late Brianna Tigue in the middle, along with their trusty scrub technician.