The Kind Kennedy Stevens

Kennedy Stevens is a seventh grader at Sig Rogich Middle School who enjoys gymnastics, her friends, baking, and watching her favorite television series.

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The Kind Kennedy Stevens

Olivia Rodriguez, Contributor

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Kennedy Stevens is a seventh grade student at Sig Rogich Middle School. I asked Kennedy a variety of questions relating to school and outside activities.

I first started by asking Kennedy what her favorite part of coming to school everyday is. Her response is, “I like seeing my friends because I am always busy so I don’t get to see them very often.” Kennedy’s least favorite part about coming to school everyday is, “Knowing that after I get home at night, I will have a lot of homework due the next day.”

Kennedy likes having access to Chromebooks and having nice teachers, however she dislikes having a lot of homework, especially because she is a very busy person. Kennedy’s favorite subject is History. She states, “I love learning about the past and what has happened in our country.” On the other hand, her least favorite subject is math because, “We move very fast and always have a ton of homework” she states. Kennedy overall enjoys coming to school to see her friends and to learn new things everyday!

Some of Kennedy’s hobbies are gymnastics, baking, and doing hair. On Kennedy’s free time, she competes at gymnastics competitions and says she really loves it. Her favorite television series is “The Good Doctor” because she says, “I love learning about the medical field and the show adds drama, which makes it better.” Kennedy’s favorite food is fish and her favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids. Kennedy enjoys pop music and the artists such as Taylor Swift and Jonas Brothers.

Additional facts about Kennedy is that she has been doing gymnastics since she was two years old, two of her brothers went to Sig Rogich Middle School, she is in choir, and she wants to be a nurse when she grows up.

Not only is Kennedy a seventh grader at Sig Rogich Middle School, but she is also a competitive gymnast who enjoys being with her friends, baking, doing hair, watching “The Good Doctor”, eating fish and sour patch kids, and listening to pop music.

Photo Credit: Kennedy Stevens