Art Hacks in Honor of National Art Month

A Few Fun Facts About Art


Jemima Kayumba, Contributor

   This October, we are all celebrating art because it is National Art Month! If you are thinking about making some art in honor of this month, you should be as well researched about it as possible. We each attend a highly respected and prestigious junior high school. So, it should not come as a surprise if the students here showed spirit outside of school as well. That said, here are some helpful art hacks that should help any young artist. 

   First and foremost, an artist should always have at least ten to fifteen different kinds and colors of paint brushes and paints on hand. That way, no matter what the artist is painting, they have the right tools to create it to their liking. Also, the artist should also have brushes with different materials depending on the painting they are making. For example, brushes with natural bristles are best for using paints that are oil-based while brushes with synthetic bristles are recommended for water-based latex paint. 

   Secondly, any artist will want to make their painting or drawing symmetrical in the way that they envision it. Instead of tracing, use a grid as a guide to help with the proportions of the painting. An artist should use whatever they can to make their art the way that they please; it also saves time instead of erasing and rewriting over and over again. 

   Hopefully, these helpful tips should assist any student starting to create some beautiful art in honor of National Art Month. Happy painting to all and to all a wonderful October!


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Paint brushes of different sizes that seemed to have already been

used to make beautiful art multiple times are laid together on top of

a used, unkempt and layered cardboard material used as a desk or


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