The Courageous Ms. Carter

The interview with Sig Rogich Middle School best hall monitor Ms.Carter

Nicholas Khurana, Contributor


Ms.Carter is the hall monitor here at Sig Rogich Middle school. She has been at the hall monitor for 16 years. As a hall monitor she makes sure everything is safe on the inside of the school and the outside. She makes sure there is nothing trying to get in or any students trying to get out. “Nobody is coming in or out!” She said, as she monitors the hallways and the inside of the school. She also helps at Palo Verde if she finds a student off campus. She does a total of two routine checks around the school in the morning after during 1st period and at the beginning of 6th period. Each routine check takes about 30 minutes. She loves to work as a hall monitor because she loves to work around kids.

This was her first interview for the newspaper so she was very nervous. She asked me about what we do because she had never really heard of the Publications class. I explain how we create the yearbook and we post articles on the Rogich news website the Rider Review. I concluded our interview with a question if she has ever heard of our new site. She has not, she is always busy patrolling the school and keeping it safe that she never had time to. But she said she sure will after this! On her free time she enjoys to play “Fortnite” with her grandchildren. As well as playing Uno. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren as she finds that extremely fun and that’s where her love of children comes from.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Khurana