The Friendly Filipazzo

Dr. Leigh Filipazzo's journey to Las Vegas

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The Friendly Filipazzo

Melanie Furtado, Contributor

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I asked Dr. Filipazzo, our assistant principal, about her life, and how she landed in Las Vegas. The questions I asked made her think deeply about her life, and how she got to where she is now.

She originally came here on her honeymoon to Las Vegas with her husband, who told her about how he had always dreamed of moving to our city. As she was originally from New York, she was sick and tired of the traffic and late nights, so she gladly packed her things and moved to Las Vegas. She claims, “When I was on my honeymoon, my husband told me how he had always wanted to move here, so we did!”

I also asked her if she had always dreamed of being a school administrator. She replied by revealing that she had known she wanted to work at a school since she was young.  This drove her to take her passion for helping others onto college. When she was in college, she studied to get a teacher’s license, and for a while she was working at schools. After that she had a career change, but missed teaching so she decided to come back and work in the school district once again. 

My last question asked her was why she chose Rogich out of all of the other schools in the Clark County School District. She explained, “I was attracted to the high performing students and strong community.” She just wanted to be a part of the amazing staff at Rogich! She also loved Principal Harrison, and was excited to get back into a place that had a countless number of talented children. 

Source: Dr. Leigh Filipazzo

Photo Credit: Melanie Furtado