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Sylas Duffy, Contributor

Nevada Day, or Admission Day as it was first known, was solely periodically identified for the first seventy five years of the state’s history. Parades in larger cities like Reno and Virginia City were regularly held on important anniversary years. Other than that, little was achieved to mark the occasion. Admission Day was subsequently declared a judicial excursion in 1891, and a one time public excursion in 1914 in observance of the fiftieth anniversary of statehood. The holiday used to be rechristened  Nevada Day in 1933 and grew to become a permanent reliable country excursion in 1939.

The establishing of Carson City’s annual Nevada Day parade is due in large part, to the management of District Judge Clark J. Guild. As president of the Carson City Lions Club, Guild efficaciously mobilized organizations and average residents in aid of an annual statehood celebration. The first Nevada Day celebration was held in Carson City on October 31, 1938. The initial celebration covered a historical pageant a parade a Civil War-era costume ball and a pony express race from Virginia City to Carson City. Almost 19,000 had been in attendance. By the following year, the tournament had expanded to three days, and attendance had extended to 45,000. In subsequent years, the dimension of the occasion has ebbed and flowed due to a range of political, social, and monetary factors. Nevada Day has remained a vital tradition, now not solely amongst the state’s politicians and different leaders, but among its residents as well.

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