Different Celebrations

Different celebrations around the world for Columbus Day

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Different Celebrations

Brooke Silon, Contributor

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Columbus Day is celebrated throughout the world. Many different countries celebrate this holiday, including the United States, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Chile, and last but not least Mexico. They all celebrate this holiday differently with their cultures and beliefs. 

   In the United States people celebrate by learning about the man who founded their country. Some Italian-Americans celebrate this holiday by observing their heritage. The celebration was first held in New York on October 12, 1866. Not every state celebrates Columbus Day but for the ones that do they usually hold parades for the wonderful man who has found the place we call home.

   Columbia doesn’t quite celebrate the same as the United States. Instead of calling it Columbus Day, they call it Dia De La Raza (The Day of Ethnic). This holiday to Colombia is more of an observance day. In schools, they learn about the discovery and the exploitation of the richness of the Americans. This knowledge is taught to the students by their ages. 

  Venezuela doesn’t really celebrate Columbus Day but it’s more of a remembrance day to them. Venezuela also doesn’t call it Columbus Day, they call it Dia de la Resistencia Indígena (The Day of the Indigenous Resistance). A group of Indians claimed the celebration of Columbus day was the day that they remember people who had passed. When a 100 year old statue of Colombia was torn apart they celebrated it because they thought it was a sign of social equality.

    Chile calls Dia de Descubrimiento entre dos Mundos (Day of Discovery Between two Worlds) instead of calling it Columbus Day. Chile has celebrated this holiday ever since 1923 and it’s always been on the second Monday of October. 

    Spain celebrates this holiday, but to them it’s the day of diversity of the Hispanic community around the world. This holiday has two names, one of them is Hispanic Celebration and the second  one is Fiesta de la Hispanidad. 

    This holiday to Mexico is more of an honoring day. They celebrate and honor the blend of two distinct cultures. Their celebration is by exposing the best created  by their multiples heritages and native cultures. Although this special holiday is celebrated differently throughout the world, one thing we all share is that we come together and honor Christopher Columbus. 


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