Nearing Nevada Day

Learn about our states birthday and fun ways you can celebrate.

Nearing Nevada Day

Anna Rampoldi, Contributor

This October 25, 2019 sit back and relax at home because it is Nevada Day. Students here at Sig Rogich celebrate Nevada Day by getting a day off of school but what is this holiday really about? 

On October 31, 1864 Nevada officially became a part of the United States of America. For decades the day was celebrated as Admissions Day so that the people of Nevada could celebrate the birth of the state. Well, through the years the celebration began to die down. There were no huge parades or celebrations to honor Nevada. It barely came across people’s minds that it was Admissions Day. Then, in 1891, Admissions Day was officially stated as a judicial holiday. Once the people of Nevada heard of this, the day lived on as a celebration of the birth of our state. In 1933 the state holiday was officially renamed to Nevada Day. Even today, this day is widely celebrated all throughout Nevada.

In Nevada, all students get the school day off in order to celebrate our state but how can all of the 3 million people that live in Nevada celebrate together. The people that live in Nevada can of course attend the Nevada Day Parade located in Carson City. The parade lasts all day to celebrate the 155th year of our beautiful state. The parade consists of floats, marching bands, celebrities, entertainers, horses, and youth groups. It is one of the biggest parades of the year in Carson City. Thousands of people come to watch the amazing performers as they march down the cities streets. It is definitely something that no one would want to miss out on. 

All in all, students here at Sig Rogich should enjoy their long three day weekend. It is time to celebrate the birth of our state and it should be celebrated right. So, stop by the huge parade in Carson City and celebrate with all the fellow Nevadans. Have a great Nevada Day.


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