October Events In Las Vegas

Events happening in Las Vegas during the month of October.

October Events In Las Vegas

Kat Kar, Contributor

          October is here which means Halloween is just around the corner. This also means there are many spooky, scary events going around too. Even though most people don’t care for events, they are still happening and here they are.

         On the 10th of October, the Taste of Downtown event is going on. This basically means that whoever goes can get a feeling for the giant energy of Downtown. The event is from 6:30-9:30 at the Plaza Hotel & Casino.

         On the 11-13th of October is the Haunted Harvest. This event is at the Spring Preserve, its full of “spooktacular fun” which can please any age.

         Also on the 11th-13th is the Renaissance Festival. It’s from 10am-5pm all weekend long. Any ages can go and it also sparks imagination in almost every little girls and boys too. Have little siblings be princes and princesses, have their imagination spark to life.

         Another event is from the 11-14, it’s the 2019 Columbus Weekend Getaway. This event takes place at the Excalibur Hotel and is from 7pm-10pm. It will be a fun event for teens and adults since there is event an arcade at the Excalibur also. 

         There are more to come with the Big Boys Toys Expo 2019. This isn’t what people may think, it’s actually a showcase that help people “discover new horizons” and it’s for all ages.This event is from the 11th-13th at the Las Vegas Convention Center from noon-midnight. 

        Wish to see some concerts no fear The Neighborhood is there. This event has many concerts and starts at 8pm and is located at the Cosmopolitan. This would be an event worth going to. 

        On another note on the 12th of October is “The Women’s Day Out Expo”. This is a free event women, young teens would love going too. So make sure to save the date and have fun at this exciting and amusing event for all ages. 

        Unknown to lots of people magic is tricking the eye and the brain and with that the Mat Franco Magic Reinvented Nightly show is up. The show is currently going all the way until the 4th of October at the Mat Franco Theater. 

       Another fun show to go to is Tape Face who will be in Vegas until the 16th of October. His show is going to be at Tape Face a personally location just for him.

       Any Harry Potter Fans too with definitely love the “Potted Potter Parody Show” currently in Vegas till the 9th of the month. The event is near Paris Las Vegas and is sure to make any potterhead go crazy for their wands and house colors. 

      There are plenty more events to look at, but so far there are several entertainment options for family and friends to do. If anyone would like to look for more events this month or in the following months, go visit https://www.google.com/search?q=nightlife+events&ibp=htl;events&rciv=evn&safe=active&ssui=on#fpstate=tldetail&htichips=date:next_month&htidocid=SiXMY2E5AIHWymd_JpA8-A%3D%3D&htivrt=events. This one website has all the events you could ever want and it also has more information for the events already listed. For those not listed it demonstrates where and when the event is and the age limit too. Be sure however to not go too overboard with the events. So make sure for more October events to go check out the website above. Make sure to have a spooky season and have a frightful time trick or treating. 

Photo Credit: unsplash.com