Fun and Spooky Ways to be Safe on Halloween

Halloween tips on being safe


Nicole Reed, Contributor

Fun and Spooky Ways to be Safe on Halloween


Halloween is the spooky season! There’s a lot of different ways to spend your Halloween. For instance, going to a party or staying home and giving out candy to kids that stop by. That brings me to my next topic you could also go trick or treating. Make sure that whatever you are doing it will be safe and you could not get hurt. 

Here are some tips to stay safe for Halloween night.

  1. Walk in small groups – It is important to walk in small groups so everyone can look out for each other.
  2. Be visible – Now people will see you when you are walking on the street.
  3. Eye contact-make eye contact with the driver before crossing the road.
  4. Walk on sidewalks or on paths- don’t walk on streets
  5. Have lights as much as possible-  so then people will be able to see you
  6. Face paint instead of masks- this would make you see a lot more clear
  7. Make the costume the perfect fit-  could prevent tripping or falling

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