Rogich Rules – Lunchroom & Dress Code

Dress code and Lunchroom Rules to follow.

Rachel Carney, Contributor

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Image credit: Rachel Carney

Rules are easy to forget, especially when there are so many small and almost seemingly unnecessary ones as well. But in the off chance that you do ever forget or need to check back what the rules are, though, we’ve got your back. Following below is a list of both lunchroom rules and the dress code. For whatever reason you want to check back on these rules, don’t worry! All of them are listed below:


Image credit: Rachel Carney

Lunchtime is pretty lenient, given that it’s your eating time, but that doesn’t mean it’s your free time. There are still rules and regulations that you are expected to follow, listed below:


➢ No phones during seating, lunchtime, or dismissal. Usage of phone during these times will slow down the procedure, resulting in your phone getting confiscated.

➢ No randomly getting up and wandering around the lunchroom, especially without permission. Having too many students crowding up the lunchroom, blocking pathways, and simply just standing for no apparent reason can cause issues, crowds, distractions, etc., and should be avoided.

➢ No seat switching. If students are switching seats and messing up the order, it would crowd the lunchrooms, and especially waste eating time. If you want to sit by someone, you are to get in line with them before lunch starts; otherwise you are required to sit where you are originally seated.

➢ No throwing food, containers, or even anything. Throwing things at other students for no reason is violation of any rule, and starting food fights especially. Hopefully this is common sense, but it should be clarified nonetheless.

➢ All trash must be thrown away after eating. Littering or making a mess of the lunchroom is unnecessary, inappropriate, and will not be tolerated. 

➢ You are to listen to the lunchroom workers and to respect them as if they are any regular teachers; they are staff too and disrespect for them is not permitted.

➢ [Most] Regular school rules apply.

Violation of any of these rules will result in the appropriate action being taken. As long as you stay in order and follow all of these rules, you should be fine and we hope you have a great lunch!

Image credit: Rachel Carney

Dress code may seem pretty strict, especially with how many regulations there are to it. However, the dress code exists for a reason. Below are the regulations you need to follow as to avoid being dress coded:


➢ Arm length pants/skirts/shorts. Having pants that are too short may be inappropriate, distracting, and overall just problematic.

➢ 3 finger width sleeves. Spaghetti straps and shoulder-less outfits or tube tops are not permitted.

➢ No crop tops or shirts that are too small; your torso should be completely covered as to ensure your outfit is appropriate for school.

➢ Toe-closed shoes only, as to make sure they stay on your feet or that they are appropriate for PE. Flip flops and sandals are not permitted.

➢ No hats or sunglasses, so that it is evident who you are and so that there are no identification issues or possible threats.

➢ No face masks, for the same reason listed above; no possible threats or identification issues.

➢ Tights are not to be worn without anything over them.

➢ All outfits must be school appropriate. 


And that’s about it! Make sure to follow all these rules; they are here to ensure the safety and happiness of both yourself and those around you. While some rules may seem silly to students at first, they all exist for a reason. In case you need to be sure about what any of these rules are, feel free to check back here again if necessary.