The Time for Pink

A Pink Celebration

Alexis Badiano, Contributor

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Throughout the week in October, Monday the 14th to Friday the 18th, we celebrate Pink Week for Breast Cancer Awareness at our school.  Students and teachers help support by wearing pink all day and other people would help by raising money for Breast Cancer. People will wear pink in schools, workplaces, and communities.  It is a big fundraiser cause in the UK but is also celebrated in America. It brings together many people and changes people’s lives. Pink signifies Breast Cancer and increases awareness of it.  This event happens every year during the month of October and it’s a worldwide campaign.

The history behind Pink Out Week is that it all started in 2002 and has raised $33 million since. In 1979 a woman named Penny Laigen who her husband was taken hostage in Iran. She was inspired to tie yellow ribbons to her tree in her front yard. The ribbon told that her desire was to see her husband again. The ribbon became a message and appeared across the country. Eleven years later, the yellow ribbons were used to represent the soldiers who fought in the Gulf War. Activist in the AIDS decided to make the ribbon bright red and because it shows the color of passion. When the ribbons arrived, all the charitable cause wanted to have one. Then, The New York Times had 1992 called, “The Year of the Ribbon.” It was then set for being known as the breast cancer ribbon. 

A pink ribbon tied around a brown box that represents breast cancer awareness.

Photo Credit: Unsplash; Plush Design Studio


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