A Little Reminder of the Hallway and Quad Rules

Follow simple rules to make the school crowds more efficient


Rachel Carney, Contributor

Sig Rogich Hall & Quad Rules


While Sig Rogich’s hallway and quad rules may apparently be the most well known, they are often ignored, unfollowed, or even forgotten. Take the door rule for example; people exit and enter through each of the two doors, completely ignoring the enter-left-exit-right (from the quad) rule that is designed to handle traffic. Due to this rule being so widely ignored, there are often issues with the trafficking; people entering and exiting from the same door, running into each other, etc. And this isn’t the only ignored rule.

While some of Rogich’s rules may seem ridiculous or unnecessary, the rules all exist for a reason, and while the reasons differ, the vast majority of them all exist for our safety.



Hallway rules are some of the most important rules, but also some of the most forgotten ones- which is why below, there’s a provided list of the smaller and larger hallway rules that often go unfollowed. Please make sure you follow these; as they exist for the safety of yourself and others!


No running. This rule is one of the most important, as running can cause injuries for yourself, others, it can cause you to knock others over, etc. While this rule is one of the most well known, it is one of the hardest to enforce, due to the large amount of runners in the hallway.

Stay on one side of the hallway. This is to avoid traffic and keep students from hitting each other by accident; even though most students walk in the middle of the hallway, if the majority of them were to stay on one side and not go against traffic, it would increase transition speed between classes and be beneficial to most students.

No pushing. Unfortunately, students tend to push each other, knock each other over, and simply just ignore it. Many students get hurt or are late due to this, the floors are hard and students are often trampled by the oncoming students who want to get to class on time. So please, be courteous of others in the hallway and try to avoid hurting anyone.

No interfering with other students’ lockers. A lot of the time, students are pushed and shoved while trying to reach their lockers by other students who are trying to reach their lockers. These students have to get to class on time too, rather than pushing them aside it would be more effective to politely ask them to move, or simply wait for them to finish.

No locker crowds. A lot of the time during passing period, crowds are formed around lockers; this wastes time, prevents students from getting to class on time or accessing their lockers, and often takes up a lot of space and crowds and blocks hallways. Overall, locker crowds are problematic and should be avoided; teachers dislike them and will warn students who are apart of such crowds as well.

Personal space. This rule goes back to rule two; though it is difficult to be respectful of personal space in such crowded hallways, if the traffic is controlled and people are courteous to others then there shouldn’t be much of a problem here. This rule is mostly depicted based on how the other rules are followed, so it is important to follow the other rules as well.

No fighting. This rule is practically common sense, though an unfortunately high amount of fights happen during passing period on school campus, specifically the hallways. The rule applies to fighting yourself, watching or recording a fight, etc. All of these actions make you a part of it, even if you’re not the one hitting the other person, you’re still breaking the rules.

No littering. The hallways are intended to be nice and clean for other students; not messy and hazardous (hallway littering can lead to water spills, slipping, tripping etc) for students. Many students leave their trash in their lockers or on the floors, despite a trash can right at the doorway. You won’t be late if you take a few seconds out of your time to simply throw your trash away as you walk out.


Quad Rules


The Quad Rules are very similar to the hallway’s rules, and as to avoid repetition, only the rules that are individual to the Quad are listed here – All hallway rules apply.

All Hallway rules apply.

Do not mess with the beat-box playing music outside. This isn’t necessarily a rule, rather just common sense, but either way, messing with the beat-box or other items outside of Mr. Domanico’s class is strictly prohibited.

Only walk on the path. Do not walk through the trees area or the dirt, make sure you walk on the part that was intended for walking on; the planter is for plants, not for you to walk on.

Be courteous of others at all times. Same goes for in the hallway; do not push, trip, or act as if you are alone while walking in the quad, you are not the only one who needs to get to class on time.


Quad rules are very similar to hallway rules, so all of them apply; and make sure to follow the individual rules as well.


While some of Rogich’s rules may seem unnecessary or far-fetched, they all exist for students’ safety, well-being, and a safe and comfortable educational environment. So, for both the safety of yourself and others, please be sure to follow these rules. Thank you!


Photo Credit: Rachel Carney

Featured Photo Credit: @chuttersnap (Unsplash) https://unsplash.com/photos/RlC1eHzJOFI