Scholarship Talk With La Roche

Best ways to secure a scholarship

Melanie Furtado, Contributor

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        Amanda La Roche is a military veteran who holds many titles including wife, daughter, mom, and teacher. She is a talented woman who loves our country and teaching. Since it is National Scholarship Month, Amanda was interviewed on schooling and scholarships. 

        The scholarships that she recommended are extraordinarily helpful ones that will take you far. She explains how, “if you are staying in-state, then I would probably recommend the millennium scholarship, or Pell Grants which help with paying for tuition.” The millennium scholarship gives high school graduates almost completely free tuition to in-state universities and colleges like UNLY, or UNR. A Pell Grant is money that the government provides for students who have amazing grades, and need to pay for college. Grants are important to not having to worry about debt, because unlike loans, you do not need to repay grants. Students who are eligible for this type of grant receive a specified amount each year to pay for their schooling. 

        After, Mrs. La Roche was questioned about what scholarships she received she explained how,“yes I got scholarships, but since I went into the military, they paid for my schooling. I got the GI bill through the military, who paid for my bachelors and masters degrees.”The GI bill is a type of scholarship that veterans who served for at least 36 month receive. The military paid for Amanda’s bachelors and masters degree in teaching, although originally she did not go to school for teaching. In high school, La Roche did not want to become a teacher, but after she served, Amanda decided to become a teacher, and help students achieve their goals.

        Finally, she was asked  about what scholarships the students this year will get. Mrs. La Roche was very direct and confident in her response, “you will all get academic scholarships, I don’t see why you wouldn’t get one, you guys are brilliant. Everybody is very smart, and you all have excellent grades.” She seems to believe that students are making real progress. Although Amanda is only teaching 12 and 13 year old, she knows that her students will do well in their future. 

Photo Credit: Melanie Furtado