The Importance of Staying on Track

Why you should stay on track

The Importance of Staying on Track

Nicole Reed, Contributor

First of all, staying on track is very important, either in school or outside of school. For example, in one of your classes you have a big homework assignment, you end up forgetting to do the assignment, then you get a really bad grade.  Your grade was first a 79% in that class. You get an F on the homework but then you fall behind in all your classes trying to do whatever you cane do to get that grade up in that class. You start to fall off track.  Falling off track can possibly make you get held back, or many other things involving school. Falling behind can make your grades go to F’s really quickly. You will most likely have to move to different classes because you are doing really bad or you’re falling behind. 

Next, you might have to move out of your original classes could change your school year because you won’t get to experience the classes that your friends are getting to be able to do. If your parents care about your grades they may not let you hang out with your friends. Once you begin focusing on only one task, then what are you going to do with all your other classes. For example, if you’re falling off track on something out of school then it’s important to focus on one task at a time, you may become more productive, and become less stressed. 

Since it is November… What does that mean.. No school November is upon us. There are several days off of school this month. So it is more than important to stay on track because then when we come back to school, there will be a lot of work to catch up on. To wrap up, falling off track can hurt your grades, so this year try to say on track.

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