Keep Memory alive Penny Challenge 2019

Donate to a great cause.

Keep Memory alive Penny Challenge 2019

Joahn Todorov, Contributor

Keep Memory Alive Penny Challenge

What is this challenge?

Students of Sig Rogich Middle School: it’s time to help people in need by donating any amount of money, even one penny can make a difference. This year, we will be having a challenge to help kids like you, fight memory diseases like Alzheimer. It will also provide learning materials and vital things to live a normal life. Donations will really help, please motivate these kids at the brain health facility to help loved ones in need with memory disorders.

Why should you donate?

To help kids who are suffering these brain disorders. So kids like you students shouldn’t suffer such horrible notice of terrible symptoms like instead of being able to remember you can’t. Would you like to suffer these diseases?

How you can help and where to donate?

Teachers will hand out little Ziploc bags with a little blue paper in it showing information about the challenge. If you bring money, your teacher will collect it. You can help by just donating one cent. It is that easy to help a child in need of the money for a way out. Your parents can also write a check to make a donation too.


Photo credit: Nick Fewings


 Photo caption:  Lou Ruvo Brain Health Hospital.