Veteran’s Day: A Day Of Heros

A interview with a Air Force firefighter.

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Veteran’s Day: A Day Of Heros

Kat Kar, Contributor

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Many know about the holiday celebrated once a year all over Northern America. Veteran’s Day is a time for people to acknowledge the many different armed forces the U.S. happens to have. This goes from people who still are currently serving our country; to the people that have since retired from the armed forces of the U.S.

Troy Romans, who is currently stationed in Honduras as a firefighter in the Air Force, has been serving for 18 years already. He currently has been stationed in many different places such as Okinawa, Japan; Las Vegas, Nevada; Nellis; Clovis, New Mexico and many other locations across the world. 

However many may think that living in nine different places in the span of 18 years is a bit excessive to say the least, there must be a favorite base. Troy in an interview gave us insight on his favorite places to be. “It is tough to pick a favorite because they all (well most) had different aspects that I loved. I think my top three would be Mountain Home, Ramsteinand Soto Cano.” 

People have this overthinking feeling that they have a tough choice when planning on going into the armed forces, some don’t think otherwise. There are many different armed forces to enlist into, mainly because they don’t realize the many other options that they can choose. Troy had many reasons to enlist in the air force, in his opinion. “I chose to enlist because all of the men in my family have served. My father was in the Navy, Uncle was in the Army and my brother was a Marine. I chose the Air Force because I wanted the opportunity to work on air crafts, and the quality of life in the Air Force is a lot better.” 

Troy has worked on many aircraft’s, and when he was stationed in Las Vegas he worked with the famous Vegas aerial show; the Thunderbird’s. Like everyone in the Air Force, at least one part of their career in being stationed in Vegas, they will have the ability to work with the Thunderbird’s. He has a large amount of knowledge of the museum too. 

*Did you know that every time the Thunderbird’s have done a show in the color red as their uniform something bad had happened, rather it be a fatality or a crash?

Besides that fact the air force is one of the many things that help keep the country safe, people don’t quite understand that, the air force has firefighters. Troy does many things besides previously working with the Thunderbird’s such as train new recruits for the air force also. In the picture (with the firefighter) Troy is training new recruits to fill his shoes one day. 

Many don’t realize the effort many people put in when they join the armed forces. However many feel a satisfaction whenever they finished their service. Troy is nearing the end of his time in the air force due to the fact that some people don’t serve extremely long services. 

So as it goes Troy is excited for his years of service retirement to come in the near future. However he never will stop fighting for what he wants even though he may not be directly on the front lines.