The Helpful Mrs. Lampe

A look into our school FASA.

Lily McIntyre, Contributor

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Mrs. Lampe is the FASA or First Aid Safety Assistant for the school. She was inspired to become a nurse was that she wanted to work for the school district. Mrs. Lampe enjoys working in the medical field. She was kept working as a nurse because she enjoys working with all of her co-workers and loves her job. 

As I was interviewing Mrs. Lampe, I realized that she was the assistant nurse! I always thought she was the nurse because she took care of us so well. Mrs. Lampe is very happy and really energetic.” I love working with all of my co-workers and I love helping all of the kids that come come to me for help.” Her role has played a great part in helping our school.  Mrs. Lampe is A helpful and very kind person to everyone her co-workers, the students, and everyone else.

  Photo credit: Lily McIntyre