No School November and other holidays

Half the days in the month of November there is no school.


Sydney Dunn, Contributor

Out of November’s 30 days, we only go to school 50% of the time? That’s half the month! There are only two full weeks of school during the month of November. There is no school on Monday, November 11, for Veteran’s Day, and there also is no school the whole week of Thanksgiving.  People have heard of these days and are aware that there is normally no school during this time, but most don’t know what they are really about.


Everyone knows that we don’t have to go to school on Veteran’s Day, but do they know its background? Well, Veteran’s Day is a federal holiday, which means it’s an authorized holiday that has been recognized by the U.S. Government. Veteran’s Day is the day that we recognize and honor military veterans. Anyone who has served in the United States Armed Forces should be honored. It is always celebrated on the 11th of November, and there is never school on this day because of it. 

There is also no school the week of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving began as a day of giving thanks and a blessing for the harvest. It is always celebrated on the last Thursday of November, and it is a national holiday in the U.S. The holiday has nationally been celebrated on and off since it was created in 1789. Other countries around the world, such as Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands celebrate Thanksgiving, too.  These countries just celebrate it at different times throughout the year.

November has often been called, “No School November”, so when CCSD recently announced that there were going to be some changes to next year’s calendar, a certain amount of panic could have come over you. There is no need to worry.  Even though they moved some days around, “No School November” remains at 50% off. Enjoy your free time and relax!


Photo Credit: Sydney Dunn