Girls Soccer

The girls soccer team’s journey to the playoffs.

Girls Soccer

Ethan Otto, Contributor


Sig Rogich has had an amazing season for their girls soccer team and are hoping to go to playoffs in two weeks.  To make the playoffs they will have to win one of their next three games to be eligible for the wildcard spot, so they are fighting hard for that. Right now they have a 6-3 record. If the girls make the playoffs, the schedule will be on the Sig Rogich Middle School homepage, so if they make the playoffs and you want to go support the team, look at the schedule, and go see a game. Ms. La Roche is the coach of the girl’s soccer team and has lead through their winning season and may be leading them to the playoffs and may even get them to win the championship. Winning the championship would be very hard not just for the Sig Rogich soccer team, but for all the teams. To win the championships the girls will have to win the playoffs and then go and win the quarter-finals than the semi-finals and the finals. Throughout the year, the girls have won six games and lost three but if they make the playoffs they will have to do better than that, they can’t lose a game or they will be out. In time, we will be able to tell if the girls are good enough to make the playoffs and win the championship, so good luck to you if you’re on the team. If you’re not, you should head out and support the team.

Team Roster

Last Name First Name Grade
Bringhurst Taylor 6
Brown Tia 7
Calcaterra Kally 6
Chipman Taylor 8
Christensen Kate 8
Coats Meli 8
Faasse Jordyn 8
Farkas Georgia 6
Fish Elise 7
Galicinao Cassidy 7
Gallagher Dutch 8
Gola-Callard Joelle 7
Johnson Tayla 8
List Kathleen 8
Ludlow Valicia 6
Nangah Deloris 8
O’Steen Molli 7
Peterson Ava 7
Rumschlag Gina 7
Smelik Maya 7
Whetten Cari 7


Photo Credit: Tevarak Phanduang