The Spectacular Stella

A interview with hard working 7th grade student, Stella Mondragon.


Nicholas Khurana, Contributor

Stella Mondragon is a 7th grade student attending Sig Rogich Middle School. Stella was born in Chicago, and she moved to Las Vegas at the age of 5. She takes Choir at the school and is an alto. Her favorite subject is science, “Science because it’s interesting and it’s fun to learn about all the things they teach us,” she says. She spends her free time with her friends hanging out. Or on the weekends she is doing other stuff with her family. She especially has an interest for volleyball and singing. She is part Mexican and her favorite type of food is Mexican food.


With the holidays upcoming, Stella spends most of her time hanging out with her family and friends. She celebrates Thanksgiving with her family from out of town. During Thanksgiving she enjoys the beautiful fall weather with a nice cool breeze. With not a lot of traditions during the Thanksgiving break she mainly looks forward to her family coming to Vegas from out of town. Over the holidays she celebrates Thanksgiving, her birthday, and Christmas. Over the break she hangs out at her friend’s houses. In the winter time, she has a holiday gift exchanges with her friends and celebrates with the holidays around them. Stella enjoys the holidays and the cool weather during November.

Written by: Nicholas Khurana

Photo Credit: Stella Mondragon