The Magnanimous Mr. Megown

The assistant principal who strives to be the best.

The Magnanimous Mr. Megown

Callysta Gastis, Contributor

Mr. Megown is an assistant principal at Sig Rogich Middle School, who is a pretty chill person. He does his own thing and strives to be the best. He loves to work at school because he gets to help kids, and do an important job in his case. Mr. Megown says that it’s fun to work as an assistant principal because he likes working with kids. 

Mr. Megown loves when he has free time because he gets to relax from everything. He enjoys sitting back and relaxing to his favorite football team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He loves them so much that he has T-shirts and pictures covering the wall in his office. If he has nothing to do, he’ll just do whatever his wife tells him to do, like chores or maybe he’ll go out to dinner. He enjoys the warm weather and Spring. Mr. Megown used to be the Dean of Students at Rogich a little while ago until he decided to switch things up a bit, and persuaded himself to become an assistant principal.  He loves every minute of it and looks forward to a great year. 


Photo credit: Mr. Megown / Rogich Yearbook