Testing Time!

It’s Time to Start Studying!

Testing Time!

Alexis Badiano, Contributor

As semester exams are getting closer and closer each day, it’s not too early to start studying. The exams go on throughout the week of December 16th to December 20th. The regular dates for exams are Wednesday to Friday, periods one to six. For early bird, exams are on Monday and Tuesday during their morning classes. There is no early bird the rest of the week, so school starts for everyone at 9:10 a.m in the morning.

Here is the schedule:

  • Wednesday, December 18th – 1st period 9:10am – 10:50am and 2nd period 11:05am – 12:50pm
  • Thursday, December 19th – 3rd period 9:10am – 10:50am and 4th period 11:05am – 12:50pm
  • Friday, December 20th – 5th period 9:10am – 10:50am and 6th period 11:05am – 12:50pm

During exams, it’s not necessary to carry all of your notebooks and binders because there are only two periods for each day. Maybe just a folder with papers and a few pencils or pens is a good option. Students only have the period to finish their exams in class for a certain amount of time period. Teachers may let you go after school to finish up the exams if there is time. Between each period, there is about a ten-minute break for students to relax or have a snack before they go to the next class. Then, everyone goes to their next class and back to work. Most people might want to start studying at least two weeks before, so it is easier to take the test and get it over with. Once all the tests are completed, it is then time to have fun and relax for the holidays and enjoy being with family. 

A stack of books representing someone studying.

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Unsplash.com; Sharon McCutcheon