The Beaming Mr.Brasier

An interview with Mr.Brasier an, assistant principal at Sig Rogich Middle School.


Nicholas Khurana, Contributor

Mr. Brasier is one of three assistant principals at Sig Rogich Middle School. He has been at Rogich for a total of 14 years, he spent his first 6 months here as a dean. He chose education because he has a passion for teaching people and working with the youth. As an assistant principal, he has to meet with lots of parents and students. He gives consequences to students who make bad choices. Also, he observes teachers and give them their evaluations. The school year so far has been good. He is mainly in charge of the 6th graders and he enjoys how they have been; ,”I’m over the sixth graders and they’re making good choices. Sixth graders are doing wonderful,” he says. He started teaching as a high school teacher. He taught as a high school teacher for 12 years.

He was born and raised in Idaho and moved to Las Vegas in 1991. He went to 3 colleges including Rick’s College in Idaho, Southern Connecticut State University, and UNLV for his Master’s Degree. During the holidays, he enjoys spending time with his kids and family. He of course enjoys Thanksgiving with all the food. He is very excited for the upcoming breaks as he says, ”Like kids, I enjoy breaks.” He taught at Cimarron Memorial High School for 11 years as a teacher and now he teaches as an assistant principal at Sig Rogich Middle School.

Photo credit: Nicholas Khurana