Navidad: And how to decorate for it

Navidad is celebrated in Mexico and there are different ways to decorate for it than Christmas celebrators are used to.

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Navidad: And how to decorate for it

Dulce Sanders, Contributor

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Navidad: How to decorate for it

Navidad is a celebration held in Mexico to commemorate the birth of Jesus, who many Christians believe is the son of God. It begins 9 days before Christmas. Every night people do a posada. Posadas are where children and adults reenact when Joseph and Mary were looking for an inn to stay for Jesus to be born and the ways they do this is the kids and grownups go knocking at a house where they know they are going to be welcomed in to eat, break a pinata, and socialize with others. 


The biggest thing is to decorate with is the poinsettia plant. 

Story: a little girl went to see Jesus but she didn’t have a gift and the only thing she saw was twigs and branches, so she picked them up to take to Jesus. The other kids laughed when they saw this, and when she laid them down there was a flower in the middle of the twigs, which is known as the poinsettia. 



How to Decorate for Navidad 

  • People also decorate with papel de China (tissue paper) to make their houses colorful
  • A Christmas tree is not put up
  • Pinatas are also used
  • Mangers are also put up. A manger decorated with clay images of the Virgin Mary, Jesus, Joseph and farm animals

source: christmas in mexico

photo credit: poinsettia