The Purpose of School Chromebooks

Appropriate ways to use your Chromebook


Sadie Turner, Contributor

At the beginning of the school year, students received Chromebooks to help improve their education. However, many students will go home after school and play games or watch videos ignoring the fact that they have homework. Others will do the same, but do their homework first. A new rule has been put in place by Principal, Mrs. Harrison, to help improve students’ grades; we now can only use our Chromebooks ten minutes in each class and aren’t allowed to use them at home. If you forgot or don’t know how to use a school Chromebook here are some tips.
↬Don’t play games, even if they aren’t blocked.
↬Don’t watch any videos that aren’t involved around school topics
↬Don’t use Google for unrelated searches
The games on the Chromebook are blocked to keep students safe and prevent them from having information stolen. Also, if the student is playing on the Chromebook (like run3) it prevents them from turning in an assignment and could give them more homework. Watching an unrelated video could make a student grades drop, offend another student, or distracts you from learning. Searching unrelated topics could get students in trouble, causing detention, in-house, suspension, or dean’s referral. Use Chromebooks for educational use only.

Photo Credit:
Andrew Neel & Nathan Dumlao