Yearbook Time

Don't forget to buy your 2020 yearbook!

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Yearbook Time

Brooke Silon, Contributor

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   Yearbooks are a great way to look back on your memories in Elementary, Middle, and High School. You will be amazed at the things that were captured throughout the years, that you probably forgot about. A fun thing to do is see what the people had signed in yearbook. Yearbooks are also a great thing to show your kids when you get older so they can compare their school year to yours.


  Here at Rogich, the wonderful publications team puts together an outstanding yearbook for all your middle school events. They try to outdo the year before. This school year, we have an amazing design because it’s our 20th anniversary. You can pre-order your yearbook at It is cheaper if you get it now rather than later because the price will rise. Right now, the yearbook is $40 through December 21st. On the 22nd of December the price will rise to $45.


  Parents can also buy you an 8th grade Dedication Ad. 8th grade ads are for the 8th graders only and you can either get a full page, half a page or a quarter of a page, on the page you can have any pictures and a little message from your family. The prices are as follows:

Full page – $325.00

Half page -$225.00

Quarter page – $125.00

If you want an 8th grade ad make sure to remind your parents.

The publications team can’t wait for you to see all the hard work they have put into this school years yearbook. Hopefully you will be able to see yourself at least 3 times in yearbook with that being their goal. If you have any questions you can visit Mr. Beegen in room 608. Don’t forget to get your yearbook before the school year is over. You will not be let down!

Photo Credit: Brooke Silon