Great and Simple Ways to Practice for Semester Exams

Tips on how to prepare for semester exams

Great and Simple Ways to Practice for Semester Exams

Nicole Reed, Contributor

Guess what month it is? December! Finally winter break and Christmas, but first semester exams. Semester exams are very important, it’s a big part of your grade. They are right around the corner… so if you want a good grade, here are some tips on how to study. 

  1. You should go over the notes you have taken in that class- this would make you understand the subject more.
  2. Talk to your teacher- see what you could do to help you get a good grade on the exam.
  3. Test your friends- you can have a tiny test with some of your friends.
  4. Make flash cards- look over them when you have time.
  5. Make a study guide- you could always write questions on paper and write the answers, now you have your own study guide

Those are some great ways to study, practice for your semester exams. Study hard and try to stay as focused as you can.   

Photo from-, Ben Mullins