Mrs. Dolan: The Kindness Club

An Interview About The Kindness Club

Melanie Furtado, Contributor

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Mrs. Dolan is the leader of the Kindness Club, and a wonderful person with an enormous heart. She started the club for her daughter, last year, in 2018. She tells how her daughter, Reese, was the one who came up with the concept and begged to implement it at her new middle school,  “When my daughter, Reese, was in fourth grade at Givens Elementary School, she participated in ‘Giving Grizzlies’ and asked if when she came to Rogich if we could start a Kindness Club, so when she was in 6th grade last year we initiated the club and it has been extremely fun and rewarding.” Her daughter is also extremely kind and doesn’t like the idea of bullying. 

The Kindness Club is a place where everyone is accepting, and effervescent, nobody is judged or given weird looks. Mrs. Dolan describes it as, “a group of students who participate in projects and activities to promote kindness at Rogich and in our community.” She wants to make a beneficial impact on Rogich and is hoping that with each day the kindness will pass on. “The purpose of Kindness Club is to make Rogich a kinder and more positive middle school experience. If you feel that the school needs more kindness and want to be a part of something that makes you and others feel good, or you have ideas about how to make Rogich a better place, you should join Kindness Club.” She wants everyone to know that anyone can join and that no one is excluded. Every other Wednesday, they meet in room 625, they laugh, smile, and just have a good time.

This year the Kindness Club has already made teachers and students around the school beam with bliss. Mrs. Dolan informed me that they have already done multiple projects in the short span of only about four months, “We have decorated the sidewalks in front of the school and in the bus parking lot with positive chalk drawings and messages; we also labeled and packaged small stuffed animals for students at Givens Elementary to ‘adopt’ by reading to them every night.  We decorated positive pumpkins to decorate the school offices at Halloween time. We are currently making welcome bags for students who begin school at Rogich after winter break. We are also going to be selling Candy Cane Grams to celebrate the holidays.” She is so happy that the club has been a success and has brought so much pleasure and joy to Rogich.

Children at Givens Elementary getting stuffed animals to “adopt.”


Photo Credit: Amy Dolan